DC/AC Rack Fans (Poultry)

Cloud formations reveal a lot about weather. Yet reliable predictions require an understanding of the complex interplay between wind direction, temperature, air pressure, humidity and many other factors. Not an easy task.

Hoval found a solution that resulted in systems capable of creating a comfortable climate in large spaces while minimising energy consumption.

RoofVent RP

TopVent TP


Tailored solutions

An indoor climate system from Hoval is the ideal solution for large spaces of all kinds, ranging from sports centres to aircraft hangars. It supplies fresh air, removes used air, and heats and cools if desired.

It consists of separate modules that can be combined as needed. The individual units are distributed throughout the area, installed on the ceiling or in the roof. They direct air downward into the open space, uniformly distributing the heat in the interior and thus substantially reducing heat loss through the roof.

In our indoor climate systems, the uncompromising networking of individual processes such as heating, cooling and ventilation, and the detail in which they are implemented, ensure maximum energy efficiency – with verifiable and sustainable results.

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