Retrofitting of old fans with IE4 & IE5 efficiency EC motor fans results in 30% power saving from day one.  Our EnFluid team engineers will be connected with clients from site survey till complete transformation of the ventilation system.

Write to our EnFluid team leader now at for retrofitting of : Air Handling Unit's Fans, Greenhouse Axial Fans, Industrial Cabinet Fans, Warehouse ventilation.

Air handling unit fans

With our DUNEpro EC fan range along with simple fixing accessories we can transform existing AHU’s fan efficiency by up to 30% by retrofitting EC fans. With fan wall array the air flow range is not limited.
EnFluid team member will conduct site survey & a comprehensive proposal will be submitted along with supply & installation scope.

Green house axial fans

With our EC & IEC direct drive Axial fan, we can bring down existing Greenhouse ventilation power consumption by 30%, common issues with existing systems are:

  • High wear & tear of belts
  • High power consumption with belt driven fans
  • Poor heat transfer with adiabatic cooling system
  • Less effects with transfer fan

Industrial and warehouse ventilation fans

Net zero wind driven Green+Vents & Sloth (HVLS) are the most effective way to ventilate warehouses, factories or high apex storage space.

With the help of architectural drawings, we can estimate cost effective ventilation requirements.

Our ventilation expert will guide you through right design & product selection, for complex ventilation needs we can offer CFD analysis to solve critical ventilation path.

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